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ISGinnovations develops scientifically sound game-based solutions for the healthcare sector. Deeply rooted in cognitive sciences, artificial intelligence, education and game design we believe that serious games and gamification can be much more than the use of game mechanics to support serious content. We do not regard game mechanics and serious content as two distinguishable entities but rather advocate that the mechanic itself has to become the message. We are well aware that using videogames and game mechanics as tools in healthcare poses significant ethical challenges and we are working closely with experts in each respective field to ensure full compliance with rigorous ethical standards


Kibo's Way - A Serious Game to support the treatment of childhood trauma
Aquamorra - A Serious Game to treat childhood obesity
Doc and the Machine - A Serious Game to train intercultural competence in healthcare


ISGinnovations provides consultancy on a wide range of topics in serious games and gamification covering all steps from identification of funding opportunities, project initiation, project realization and project evaluation. Furthermore, we are always interested in exciting project ideas for common undertakings.


For more information on or workshops and webinars visit the webpage of our Purposeful Games workshop series.

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Game-based Obesity Therapy
Kibo's Way
Kibo's Way
Game-based Trauma Therapy
Doc and the machine
Doc and the machine
Game-based Intercultural Competence Training


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